The month of March is the month for kabaddi, a month to celebrate everything positive about kabaddi. The day March 24, especially, is a significant day for the kabaddi fraternity as it is the day picked to highlight our favourite sports.

The World Kabaddi Day is more than just another day in the calendar, it is a day that kabaddi celebrates the struggles and victories of the past. It celebrates the vision of the sports future. It celebrates the people that had made the sport a worldwide wonder. It celebrates the founders, the players, the coaches, the administrators, the technical officials and each and every one, smitten by the game.

World Kabaddi is calling upon the international kabaddi fraternity to celebrate this momentous occasion to show your love for kabaddi.

The theme for the World Kabaddi 2023 is Play Hard! Play Smart! Play Together. The theme was chosen to exemplify the need for the entire kabaddi fraternity to move as one for the betterment of the sport. It is also to mark the perseverance of the kabaddi family to keep the fire for the sport going.

The World Kabaddi Day is an initiative under World Kabaddi to promote the sport in all parts of the world, immaterial whether there is a registered kabaddi organisation in the said country or not. (The World Kabaddi Day Application Form is at the end of this post)

The selected date for World Kabaddi Day coincides with the formation of World Kabaddi on March 24, 2018.

The objective is for each country to conduct at least one kabaddi activity in the month of March, and with the culmination on the specific day. It will be a celebration of kabaddi around the world.

The event in each country should be designed to be a fun event that creates awareness and enthusiasm for kabaddi in the participating communities.

The event should be designed for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level.

With a focus on grassroots initiatives, it should inspire people to take up kabaddi competitively or socially.

Apart from member associations in each country, schools and other organisations should also be encouraged to organise kabaddi events of their own.


i. International Friendlies

ii. Competitions

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Senior Citizens

iii. Kabaddi demonstrations

iv. Exhibition matches(celebrities, other sports personalities, community leaders  etc)

v. Others


2019: One Vision, One Spirit, One Kabaddi

2020: Unity Through Diversity

2021: Play. Passion. Pride

2022: Stonger Together.

2023: Play Hard! Play Smart! Play Together


To use the hashtags






in all postings of the event on social media.

All events to also post on the official World Kabaddi social media platforms.

All organisations or individuals are required to inform the World Kabaddi of the respective proposed event once it is finalized to be included in the World Kabaddi Day event calendar.

The target was to ensure to get at least 100 countries to be involved in this celebration of kabaddi for 2023.

Everyone is encouraged to get their friends and family around the world to assist in making this World Kabaddi Day a major success for the sport.

Please fill up the form below for us to include your event officially in our calendar of events.

Please give a short description of the event you are planning in conjunction with the World Kabaddi Day 2022.

Play! Passion! Pride!