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The World Heritage Day will be celebrated on April 18, 2021 with the theme Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures.

Sport has played a central role in various cultures and societies for millennia, while the relics, events and locations of the sporting past are celebrated, venerated and protected like any other type of heritage.

Kabaddi  has a rich tradition and is said to be more than 5,000 years old. What better way is there to highlight the age-old sports of kabaddi if not to join the celebrations of the World Heritage Day.

World Kabaddi is encouraging members to celebrate the day by taking photos or videos of yourselves either playing a simple game of kabaddi,  a kabaddi pose, or simply holding a sign that says kabaddi or World Kabaddi in front of any heritage sites in your country. You could even take a picture or video dressed in your own cultural costumes.

Post the photos on your social media accounts and tag World Kabaddi with the hashtag #worldkabaddi and #kabaddiheritage. Email your photos or videos to and we will post it on our social media accounts.

If you are in India, you can do it in front of the Taj Mahal, in Egypt you can do it in front of the Pyramids, in Italy in front of the Coliseum, in China in front of the Great Wall, in Indonesia in front of the Borubodur, in Malaysia in front of the Malacca Fort, in Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro, in UK in front of the Tower of London and in Nepal in Lumbini.

The list is endless and will highlight the historicity of kabaddi as a heritage sport.

We are working on giving the three submissions that gets the most likes on our facebook page a prize and will announce what it would be soon.