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many photos and videos of recent tournaments and players are available widely on the internet, very little is available from the past.

With no proper archives of kabaddi, these historical data may just disappear from our knowledge.

World Kabaddi would like to initiate an archive of kabaddi – past and present.

We are looking for photographs and videos of kabaddi from all over the world to start this archive. We are also looking for articles on kabaddi that would give a better perspective of kabaddi from the past.

These articles could include major event reports, player and administrators profiles, history of the evolution of kabaddi. It could be in the form of old newspaper articles, original articles, documentaries, books, music videos etc.

Depiction of Abhimanyu entering Chakravyuha in Mahabharatha at Halibedu

We also welcome anything on kabaddi training and techniques.

  • Articles: Articles of historical content on kabaddi players and administrators (including coaches, technical officials) profiles
  • Photographs: Digital (preferred) or physical images of events, athletes and teams. Photographs with significant historical interest preferred.
  • Videos: Digital (preferred) or physical video of events or athletes. Video with significant historical interest preferred.
  • Books: Any book on kabaddi
  • Items: Any object that has a specific relationship to a key event or person of significant historical interest (for example, a magazine, medal, ticket or brochure from a past historical event).
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