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World Kabaddi held a discussion on Saturday 27th June, 2020, with Kabaddi Pan American members in its continuing effort to streamline the activities and implementation of its strategic plan.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Mexico, Canada, USA and Argentina. World Kabaddi was represented by its president Ashok Das, vice-president Col. John Anthony Jackson and secretary general S.T. Arasu.

The online meeting discussed various issues including the need to initiate a stronger push to elevate the status of Kabaddi Pan America.

Such efforts include empowering of members, development, coaching, technical, marketing and sponsorship as well as events.

In line with the effort, World Kabaddi will also conduct its next meeting with Kabaddi Africa members on Saturday 4th July, 2020.

World Kabaddi formed in 2018 currently has just over 50 member countries and hope to assist and work together with the members to elevate the status of kabaddi. Efforts are also being made to introduce the game to newer countries.

Last year, World Kabaddi conducted its first World Cup as well as the European Championships and the Africa Cup.