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Tomorrow – March 24, 2020 – will mark the second anniversary of the formation of World Kabaddi. While we had wanted to celebrate the occasion with numerous activities around the world, the current Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to it.

Still we hope that the kabaddi community would celebrate the World Kabaddi Day on the social media.

We had chosen ‘Unity in Diversity’ as our theme for this year’s celebrations and now more than ever we need to be united in bringing the world together.

With more than 50 member countries around the world, we can show our unity and strength by making a strong statement for kabaddi on the social media -be it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat or Youtube.

Let’s celebrate World Kabaddi Day 2020 by posting photo or video of a special moment in kabaddi that you want to relive with the kabaddi community around the world.

Just add a picture and a brief note of the moment. Add the following hashtags #worldkabaddiday#onekabaddi#playkabaddi.

Please make sure that you tag World Kabaddi in your post and all friends that you want to continue this chain.

World Kabaddi would also like to dedicate this year’s celebrations to the heroes in the frontline combatting the Covid-19 pandemic – the doctors, nurses, police and other uniformed bodies, community workers -, who are out there putting their own safety at risk as they continue saving lives and protecting the rest of us.

Our thoughts are also with those who have fell victim to the pandemic and the families of those affected.

Stay strong, Stay home, Stay safe.

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