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Egypt has been picked as the host venue for the main celebrations of the World Kabaddi Day 2023.

Egypt Kabaddi Federation (EKF) , which hosted the Africa Kabaddi Championships last year, will be the strategic partner as World Kabaddi embarks on promoting and developing the sport around the globe, with specific emphasis in the African continent this year.

Play Hard! Play Smart! Play Together! was chosen as the theme for the this year’s World Kabaddi Day to be celebrated by the kabaddi community worldwide on March 24.

The World Kabaddi Day was initiated in 2020 by World Kabaddi as part of its strategic plan to promote the sports of kabaddi globally.

World Kabaddi was formed in 2018 and now has a membership of more than 50 countries around the world. The date chosen as World Kabaddi Day also coincides with the formation of World Kabaddi.

The EKF under the leadership of Dr Osama Said has already started planning for a major celebrations of World Kabaddi Day, which will also see the participation of World Kabaddi president Mr Ashok Das.

World Kabaddi wants to encourage all members as well kabaddi enthusiasts around the world to to conduct at least one kabaddi activity to celebrate the World Kabaddi Day.

The event in each country should be designed to be a fun event that creates awareness and enthusiasm for kabaddi in the participating communities and open to all regardless of age, background or fitness level. With a focus on grassroots initiatives, it should inspire people to take up kabaddi competitively or socially.

Apart from member associations in each country, schools and other organisations are also encouraged to organise kabaddi events of their own.

Kabaddi has its origins in India and is said to be more than 5,000 years old. Indian literature including the 17th century poet Tukaram in his Marathi literary collection Abhanga Gatha has indicated the game was played during the Vedic period.

Buddhist literature also mentions that Gautama Buddha played the game with his peers for recreation.

There are also claims that the game was played by the Iranians 5,000 years ago at Shahr-e-Sukhteh (Burnt City) near the banks of the Helmand River.

World Kabaddi hopes to kindle the interest for kabaddi among the younger generation by encouraging various activities including friendly matches, competitions, demonstration and exhibitions during the celebration of World Kabaddi Day.

To create visibility for the World Kabaddi Day, all participants are encouraged to use the following hashtags #worldkabaddiday #playkabaddi #onekabaddi in all the event social media engagements.

Organisers of events for the World Kabaddi Day are also encouraged to register their events with World Kabaddi. Registered organisers would be able to use the official title of World Kabaddi Day 2023, the official logos and get the chance for their event to be promoted on World Kabaddi Website and social media platforms.

Registration can be made through the World Kabaddi website at